Sanitize your place with WAV Disinfect.

Smart Disinfection allows precise loads of ozone for optimal efficacy against viruses.

Studies show that WAV Disinfect (O3) stops viruses

Ozone oxidizes, deactivate viruses by breaking the protein capsid and goes deep into the RNA rendering viruses inactive. Disinfect your place with our trusted system,

Smart Disinfection, contactless, no chemicals.

Our Patented disinfection system sanitizes and leaves no chemical buildup.

Done by Professionally Trained personel.

Let the pros do it, sanitize, deactivate viruses. All data are gathered, recorded, and are given to you after the disinfection.

Clinics and Hospitals trust WAV Disinfect

The most widely used disinfection system for hospitals in the country. Sanitize your place and deactivate viruses with WAV Disinfect.

Keep your employees safe

Disinfect your office regularly and deactivate viruses.